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5 Tips to Reign in Your Holiday Event Budget

5 Tips to Reign in Your Holiday Event Budget

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It’s possible to throw a memorable holiday party without breaking the bank. Dazzle your colleagues—and the accounting department—by employing these 5 money saving tips during this year’s holiday party.

1 – Begin planning at least 6 months in advance. A head start on planning is going to give you more venue options and more time to shop for a better deal. And if all the good dates are gone remember your party can be just as great in October or January.

2 – Choose a venue that doesn’t require decorations. Great lighting or amazing views can set the mood cheaper than flowers, banners, or frilly table settings. Even though some fancier venues may cost more upfront, they could potentially save you thousands in decorations.

3 – Consider hosting your party Sunday-Wednesday or before 6pm. Scheduling your party during an ‘off time’ is the best way to snag a great spot on the cheap. If you do opt for a mid-week outing, consider a later start to the following work day and win brownie points from everyone.

4 – Limit beverage options. Consider having “drink tickets” and capping employees at two free drinks. OR do just wine and beer.

5 – Don’t assume you can’t afford the plated dinner.  You never know until you ask. Each venue has different pricing for buffet vs. plated so give it a go!

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