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Whale Watching From A Drone’s Point of View

Whale Watching From A Drone’s Point of View

Josh Fields, former crew member for Hornblower Cruises & Events in San Diego, is now a gifted photographer and videographer who recently embarked on his third whale watching cruise.

“There’s nothing like seeing an animal like that up close in its natural environment, it’s just not the same when they are in a tank!” Josh continues, “When I was looking at the footage from my drone as it was happening, it was surreal. It looked like something you would see on National Geographic. We saw a large pod of dolphins as we were coming back into the bay. I really wanted to get some aerial footage of them, but Captain Chad said that once the dolphins start swimming in the boat’s wake you can’t stop or else they will move on.”

According to Josh, “It was very easy to spot the whales from the boat. As the cruise goes on, passengers learn the behaviors of the whales and it makes it easier to track them and learn when to expect their next appearance.”

Whale Watching from a Drone's Point of View

Hornblower Cruises & Events’ Captain Chad and First Officer Spencer were very helpful in assisting Josh with landing the drone in windy environment as well as helping to navigate the device back to safety.

Additionally, Josh had the opportunity to interact with several of the docents from theNAT (San Diego Natural History Museum) who were curious about the drone and enjoyed viewing the footage of the whales they helped Josh track during the journey.

Whale Watching from a Drone's Point of View

Josh exudes, “It was an awesome experience…definitely the most fun I’ve ever had flying my drone!”

Josh Fields worked at Hornblower Cruises & Events in San Diego for 3  years, then transferred to the San Francisco port.

According to Rebecca Milkey, Director of Marketing-Southern California, “As an associate, Josh stood out due to his creative music videos and as a result, we hired him to shoot whale watching with his new drone during his recent adventure. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Josh’s videography and photography in the future.”

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