Every Great Party Has A Blueprint

Every Great Party Has A Blueprint

If you build it, they will come and have fun; design the perfect party.

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Why start with an Event Blueprint? An Event Blueprint helps you organize all of those pesky details that crop up when party planning. But before you can even dive into the Blueprint, figure out the “why” for the party. How will the event fulfill particular goals, business objectives, internal office initiatives, etc.? Without a strategy, you don’t have a way of measuring the event’s success.

The Reason for the Season

Perhaps you want to thank loyal customers or boost morale—throw an event that has more substance than throwing a party for the sake of having a party. Once you pinpoint your reason, you have a way of identifying a measurable goal.

The Reason For The Season

For Good Measure

Think about ways to measure the success of the event. This could play out in event surveys, quick interviews with colleagues or monitoring the buzz on the company intranet.

For Good Measure

Power in Numbers

Collect your post-event data and use it next time. You can find out some really interesting tidbits when you ask: some people may prefer a casual cocktail party instead of a sit-down dinner, cooler name tags or additional icebreaking activities. You could also find out that people want MORE parties throughout the year. Design the perfect party with Event Blueprint.

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