Daybreaker LA – Dancing for a Cause

Daybreaker LA – Dancing for a Cause

Marina del Rey, California

In April 2015, Nepal experienced its worst national disaster since the 1934 Napal-Bihar earthquake. Hornblower Cruises & Events Los Angeles hosted a fundraising Daybreaker event with our great sponsors, earning over $2,000 for Generation Philanthropy.

Getting On Board Daybreaker LA

Event goers showed up at 6:30 am wearing their dancing shoes. The whole day started off like magic. The sky was crystal clear, the sun’s rays sparkled on the water and there was a peacefulness that blanketed the harbor. You could hear nothing but the waves, seals in the distance and the murmuring from those who were boarding. Blessed with amazing weather, the yacht set sail from Marina del Rey.

Cruising Marina del Rey Daybreaker LA

While DJs got busy getting everyone on the dance floor, ZICO Coconut Water, Icelandic Glacial Water, Kettle Brand, KIND, Tarte Yogurt, SnackNation, Bai and GUNPOWDER made sure that everyone had enough snacks and refreshments to stay charged. Coconut water proved to be a great energizer for keeping up with great beats.

Tarte at Daybreaker LAZico at Daybreaker LA

To put it mildly, everyone got loose on the dance floor. There was so much love for life and happiness for the cause that it was quite an emotional experience. At the end, people were wondering out loud if they could do this event every day.

DJ at DaybreakerLA

We want to thank everyone who came out to this sold out event and Generation Philanthropy for making an effort to bring a positive change to this world. The people of Nepal will be in our hearts.

Group Picture at DaybreakerLA

To see more photos of the event, be sure to check out the Daybreaker LA album.

Photos courtesy of Daybreaker.

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