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Celebrate with Us: Our 4th of July Cruise

Celebrate with Us: Our 4th of July Cruise

The 4th of July is a fun and happy holiday meant to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July in 1776 (a mere 237 years ago!). Thankfully for us, our forefathers fought for us to be free from the rule of the Kingdom of Great Britain and now we can enjoy the spectacle of fireworks being lit each year to commemorate the occasion.

Join us in any of our ports (San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach, and San Diego to be exact) where we are offering 4th of July cruises this year. Whether you choose one of our day or evening cruises, be sure that you’ll be treated with the renowned Hornblower hospitality.

Please visit our 4th of July cruise page and enjoy our signature Hornblower cruise celebration!

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