A Salute to Travel: National Travel & Tourism Week 2013

A Salute to Travel: National Travel & Tourism Week 2013

National Travel & Tourism WeekDid you know that each U.S. household would pay $1,060 more in taxes without the tax revenue generated by travel and tourism? This week, we’re recognizing National Travel and Tourism Week and the importance of our industry to the economy as well as our part to help create lasting memories. Courtesy of the U.S. Travel Association and Travel Effect, check out these fact sheets about the widespread impact our industry is having on jobs, families and relationships.

Download Fact Sheet – Creating Lasting Memories

  • 84% of respondents 55 or older still reminisce with their family about vacations they took years ago.

Download Fact Sheet – Travel Brings Families Closer Together

  • More than half (55%) reported that “I have fond memories of vacations that I took as a child, and I want to create similar experiences for my family.”

Download Fact Sheet – Travel Strengthens Relationships

  • Couples that travel together are significantly more likely to report that their relationship is more romantic, intimate and balanced.

Download US Travel – A Leading American Industry

  • 1 out of every 8 U.S. jobs depends on travel and tourism.

Hornblower has been a leader in creating amazing experiences for over 32 years. During that time, we’ve attracted thousands of travellers in the 8 cities we cruise and held ourselves to the highest standard by providing excellence service and accommodations. Within the last decade we’ve expanded our role to enhance the experience at Alcatraz, Statue of Liberty, and most recently, Niagara Falls, where we will be opening in 2014.

You can follow and participate with us this week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and From the Pilot House as we emphasize the significance of travel and tourism with fun facts and important tips. We’d love to hear some of your best memories cruising with Hornblower!

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